Our Story


ElegantlyTaylored is a brand that is all about Creativity. We create products that beautifies, enriches and inspires while being socially responsible. We believe that talent is given by God and is meant to be used to help and enrich the lives of others. We intend to partner with several community organizations to give back to the community in which we operate.

Based in Queens New York but originally from Trinidad in the Caribbean we bring our love of color, rhythm and excitement as seen in our many festivals including Carnival to our design ideas.Our original designs in jewelry, decorative household items, picture frames, Shadow boxes, canvases and photography are ElegantlyTaylored with you in mind.

Boho Tassel Earrings in Faux Suede Leather
Boho Memory Wrap Bracelet

In addition to our wonderful hand-crafted items we also upcycle bottles and cans to create upscale and environmentally friendly products. We believe that almost everything is reusable, and we try to do all we can to reduce waste and help the environment. We incorporate crochet, findings, beads, ribbon, buttons, feathers, yarn, cloth and a variety of products in our designs to create truly memorable pieces.

We have a variety of styles in our earrings and bracelets and we are also focusing on a neglected market with our line of clip on earrings that are stylish sleek and modern. We also have a line of religious products ranging from earrings to bookmarks to wall art.

If you need wedding or party décor ElegantlyTaylored can create centerpieces and décor to match your color scheme and design style from Shabby Chic to Nautical to Modern. Contact us here or at info@elegantlytaylored.com so we can discuss your needs.

We can do custom work at your request based on products we have advertised but be aware that the time frame for shipping will depend on the complexity of the product requested and the availability of material.

We aim to please and have created an environment where we seek to create the best product ElegantlyTaylored with you in mind. Together we can make a difference and impact the world.

Margaret Taylor

I am from the beautiful island of Trinidad in the Caribbean, famous for Steelpan, Soca, Calypso and Carnival. Carnival is an annual festival teaming with pulsating rhythms and colorful costumes. I remember as a child helping to embellish Carnival costumes that were created by my uncle.  There was always something going on at my Grandmother’s house where our extended family lived. My sisters Marlene, Michelle & myself  learned many crafts as children  going to various classes not to be “idle” over the summer vacations.

Margaret Taylor
New York Skyline

I moved to New York about 25 years ago. For many years I was busy working and raising my two sons and crafting was put on a back burner. I bought myself a camera about 10 years ago when I moved to North Carolina and discovered a new love, Nature Photography. l rediscovered my “crafty” side when a friend heard I can crochet and asked me to make a pair of crochet earrings. I had learned to crochet as a child but had not done it in many years. Once I started I could not stop so Etsy here I am.

I have since moved back to Queens, New York and my family has grown. I now have a daughter-in -law and two beautiful grandsons all